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Introvert Fuel Tumbler (20oz)


✔ Materials: Keep your liquids at the desired temperature longer with a stainless steel body, feels good on the lips thanks to the plastic and rubber lid.
✔Size: Get more storage of your favorite beverage with this 20oz (0.59 l) (compared to a simple mug that can only contain 12oz).
✔Protects your hands when you’re trying to hold it with rounded corners.
✔ Vacuum-insulated steel body with a clear push-on lid with a rubber gasket (no lid cap).
✔ Glossy finish to look fabulous.

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There are times when we need just a little bit of cof- Who am I kidding? Aren’t we all addicted to some kinda beverage that helps us keep going?

Whether it be coffee, tea, orange juice, vodka, or whatever. We need that fuel to function around the world, stay productive, and resist the urge to fall asleep or dissociate, don’t we?

And that does not stop here, we often need more than what a simple mug could handle, seriously, since when was 0.44l enough of your favorite energizer? Never, right?

Well, how about we max that up to 0.59l instead, put it in a container that is not only classy to see and comfortable to hold and easily carry, but also helps the beverage retain its temperature longer and feel comfy on the lips.

Hence why I created this fun ‘Introvert’s Fuel’ Tumbler for people just like you and me. Enjoy 😉

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